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We believe that everyone — especially women and girls — has the right to determine whether and when to have children.

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For women and girls to control their own futures, they must have the ability to make decisions about their bodies. Access to information and services, including the full range of contraceptive options, allows them to decide if and when they become pregnant.

Contraception reduces maternal mortality rates by helping women prevent unintended pregnancies, unplanned births and unsafe abortions. Family planning and reproductive health programs also enable women to space and limit the number of pregnancies they want to have over the course of their lifetimes and help delay pregnancy among adolescents, who face increased risks of complications and death.

Women and girls who can plan pregnancy also have greater opportunities to continue their education and enter the formal workforce. Not only does this lead to greater economic stability for women and their families but also helps to boost local economies.

When women and girls are able to decide if, when and how many children to have, they are able to lead healthier lives and their families and communities thrive. That is why PAI and our partners advocate for policies and funding that will bring high-quality sexual and reproductive health services, including contraceptives, to women, girls and vulnerable communities.

PAI works to ensure women, girls and vulnerable communities have access to high-quality contraceptive services.

A woman receives high-quality contraceptive care when she can choose from the full range of methods available — such as birth control pills, implants, injectables, intrauterine devices and emergency contraception — and select the option that works best for her. She must receive information that is accurate, appropriate, timely and delivered by competent health personnel in a nonjudgmental, respectful and confidential manner.

Through our advocacy, we ensure that women and girls can easily access the clinics and staff providing high-quality contraceptive services. We support youth-friendly programs so that young people can receive the information and contraception they need, free of discrimination and stigma.

There are 218 million women in developing regions who want to avoid pregnancy but are not using a modern method of contraception.


Our work to expand sexual and reproductive rights and access to care focuses on four key integrated issues.

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