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For nearly 60 years, PAI has been championing the global movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We have pushed back against harmful U.S. policies and advocated for international family planning and reproductive health to stay at the forefront of U.S. global health funding. We have also supported thousands of advocates with resources to address the needs in their communities and advance health and human rights in their own countries.

While progress has been achieved, our work is not complete. We still have a long way to go to overcome and prevent ongoing opposition to sexual and reproductive health and rights and ensure sustained support of local organizations and their work to combat the threats to health and progress for all.

A Moment Like No Other

Vision 2025 reflects the next era of PAI’s commitment to an equitable, inclusive and locally led movement to ensure universal sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Our journey forward is grounded in PAI’s six-decade legacy of trusted leadership, evidence-informed advocacy and a partnership model that is grounded in transparency, respect and responsiveness to the expressed needs of local communities.

Guided by the experience, wisdom and foresight of PAI’s staff and partners, Vision 2025 serves as PAI’s road map for meeting the realities of a moment that have reverberated across borders, sectors and communities facing the starkest disparities in SRHR.

Sharing Our Strengths And Shifting the Power

Sharing our strengths underpins our collective abilities to expand the global ecosystem of advocates and advance SRHR.

PAI builds mutually reinforcing relationships based on trust, equity and respect with partners around the world, who have come to expect these defining traits in their engagement with us. These collaborations have enabled deep, honest and sector-supportive work that makes a difference.

Through sharing of information, expertise and resources, PAI has advanced our own U.S. and global policy advocacy and partners have furthered SRHR priorities in their own countries and communities. Together, our advocacy is grounded in the real-life needs of communities, while also aligning these needs to global policy and funding agendas.

Central to advancing universal access to SRHR is a diverse and expansive network of local advocates. To expand and sustain this advocacy ecosystem, a commitment to shifting the power to local, indigenous organizations and fostering collaboration and coordinated action is essential.

As we look toward 2025 and beyond, PAI will strive to ensure that our partnerships, both with institutions that finance our work as well as organizations that we provide funding to, are defined by more than a grant or a funding relationship. To achieve our Vision 2025 goals, we need many more voices to join us in leadership and contribute to an expanded ecosystem of advocates who are advancing global SRHR goals.


PAI envisions a just and equitable world where everyone can fully realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights to achieve health equity, economic well-being and gender equality.
PAI works to advance universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights through advocacy, partnerships and funding of changemakers.



Together with our partners, PAI aspires to achieve three goals related to policy, financing, access and accountability by 2025.

Catalyze Commitment

Mobilize global and national political will, funding and additional resources to guarantee universal access to SRHR.



Advocate for increased access to quality sexual and reproductive health (SRH) through diverse mechanisms, universal health coverage and primary health care.


the Movement

Elevate a diversity of voices, evidence and insights to accelerate the global SRHR movement.


Build an agile, equitable, creative and accountable culture where we thrive and achieve our aspirations.

Attaining our mission requires building and preserving a strong organizational culture guided by our values where staff can grow, innovate and be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions.


Expand and deepen partnerships to enhance SRHR policy, funding and program impact, and foster a partnership journey that prioritizes power shifting.

With our strong network of funded partners and thousands of collaborators and champions across sectors, we have an opportunity to propel global calls to action and sustained policy change for comprehensive SRHR in clear, actionable and influential ways.


Align discreet project and advocacy achievements within program portfolios to enable strategic expansion of each body of work.

PAI program portfolios are: (1) health financing and systems strengthening (supply); (2) SRH access and equity (demand creation); (3) civic engagement (SRHR CSO ecosystem); and (4) policy advocacy and accountability (U.S. government and global).

PAI’s strengths include our expertise, network of partners, diverse SRHR program portfolios and a credibility that extends across global and U.S. settings and country and local contexts.


Shape and lead a compelling evidence-informed, country-grounded narrative that fuels our mission and the SRHR movement.

Together with our partners, PAI is in a strong position to be bold and intentional in making the case for the policy and funding prioritization of SRHR and its essential role in progress and prosperity for communities around the world.

PAI will continue to fight for policy and funding to ensure everyone — no matter where they live, the color of their skin, their gender identity or their sexual orientation — can access high-quality, comprehensive SRH information and services.

Global Progress

To achieve it, everyone must have the opportunity to make free and fully informed choices about their SRHR and their future.

Continued Advocacy

We won't stop until that right is realized.

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