Population Action International (PAI) envisions a world where every person has access to high-quality,effective and affordable family planning and reproductive health services.

We promote universal access to family planning and reproductive health services through research, advocacy, and innovative partnerships. Achieving this mission will dramatically improve the health and autonomy of women,reduce poverty, strengthen civil society, and protect the environment.

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Why Family Planning?

With nearly a quarter-billion women around the world still lacking safe, effective family planning and reproductive health services and therefore unable to exercise their basic sexual and reproductive rights PAI’s, mission has never been more urgent.

Lack of access to contraception drives up the rate of unintended pregnancies and increases the need for abortions, many of which are performed in unsafe conditions. The gap in services undermines the twin goals of maternal health and child survival, and it is a cost borne by those least able to afford it. By contrast, family planning offers profound societal advantages, especially in the developing world. Families where women have the ability to space births have much better outcomes in terms of health, education, and economic productivity.

Our Impact

PAI has received top ratings from both the American Institute for Philanthropy and Charity Navigator. More than 80 cents of every dollar PAI spends goes to critical program services. For more information about PAI, read the 2011 Annual Report.

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