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Supportive Policies and Funding

We champion policies and funding that make sexual and reproductive health and rights a reality for all and fight to remove the policy barriers that prevent everyone, especially women and girls, from receiving the quality care they deserve.

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Comprehensive, quality health care, including sexual and reproductive health care, is the right of all people. To make this right a reality, governments around the world must have policies and funding in place to ensure citizens have access to the care they need.

The advocates we support around the globe are critical to making sure their governments’ policies and funding support affordable, high-quality sexual and reproductive health care for women, girls and other vulnerable groups. Critical to this is building resilient, country-owned health systems that can address the health needs of citizens and lessen vulnerability to the whims of donors, including harmful U.S. foreign aid policies.

In Washington, D.C., PAI advocates for the United States to contribute its fair share toward international family planning and reproductive health programs. And, like our partners at the country level, we fight for the removal of harmful policies and restrictions that block access to health care for all.

The Global Gag Rule wreaked havoc by cutting off funding for much needed health services, especially amongst communities that are already underserved.
Moses Mulumba, executive director, Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD)

PAI advocates for policies and funding to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for everyone.

PAI works with our network of global partners and policymakers in Washington, D.C. to advocate for accessible, quality health care and advance the sexual and reproductive rights of women, girls and other vulnerable groups.

We do this by providing financial support and strategic guidance to advocates who are working to protect and expand sexual and reproductive health and rights in their countries.

We also work with U.S. policymakers to ensure adequate funding for international family planning and reproductive health programs and provide them with direct evidence to permanently repeal harmful policies, like the Global Gag Rule, that are having a devastating impact on women and girls worldwide. 


Our work to expand sexual and reproductive rights and access to care focuses on four key integrated issues.

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