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Quality and Equity

We believe that everyone, including women and girls, should have access to the quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care they need and deserve.

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The sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls are the most important factors in their ability to improve their lives and determine their futures. But to ensure individual dignity and autonomy, they need more than just access to services. They need quality services that are safe, effective and focused on the individual person’s needs and cultural context.

Quality care must also be equitable, nonjudgmental and confidential to ensure that all people have the opportunity to live full and healthy lives. This is often out of reach for marginalized populations, including unmarried women, adolescents and youth, indigenous communities and hard-to-reach rural populations — all of whom face unique challenges in accessing quality care.

Ensuring quality and equitable sexual and reproductive health care requires a strong and sustained advocacy approach. That’s why PAI works with our global partners to advocate for policies and funding that prioritize health care quality and equity for everyone, particularly women and girls.

PAI works with advocates to ensure quality health care for all.

While many countries have made significant progress on expanding reproductive health access, governments often fail to emphasize the importance of the quality of care being delivered and the rights of the people receiving it.

PAI works with our global partners to advocate for policies and funding to ensure that all women, girls and other vulnerable populations have access to the high-quality sexual and reproductive health care they need and deserve.

With financial support and strategic guidance from PAI, grantees have increased access to a wide range of affordable contraceptive options for women and girls, trained citizen monitors to help ensure that indigenous youth receive quality, nondiscriminatory health care and assessed and monitored family planning programs to make the case for quality and rights to be a national priority.

A woman receives high-quality care when she can choose from the full range of contraceptive options that fit her needs and when the information she receives is accurate, appropriate and timely.


Our work to expand sexual and reproductive rights and access to care focuses on four key integrated issues.

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