Civil Society Global Financing Facility (GFF) Resource and Engagement Hub

PAI is pleased to announce a civil society Global Financing Facility resource and engagement hub (The Hub), a multiyear initiative to amplify and support civil society advocacy organizations and coalitions to contribute to GFF country-level investment outcomes.

The Hub’s main functions are:

  • Serving as a virtual forum for public information on the GFF;
  • Supporting the development of resources and tools; and
  • Providing capacity building, engagement support grants and technical assistance.

The Hub contributes to unleashing the full potential of civil society to help the GFF realize effective and sustainable health financing.

Launched in 2015, the GFF is a multi-stakeholder partnership to improve sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition (SRMNCAH+N). The GFF is an opportunity to bring much-needed resources to improve the lives of women, children and adolescents through mobilizing government and development partner resources behind country-led plans, or investment cases. For more information, visit: 

Download The Hub Overview

We are excited to announce requests for proposals to receive Hub support!

Global Goods Resources & Tools / Outils et Ressources Pour Les Biens Mondiaux

Request for Proposals / Appel à Candidatures

Concept Note / Note Conceptuelle

Capacity Building & Engagement Support / Renforcement des Capacitiés et Appui à L’engagement


We are streamlining our form to indicate an expression of interest. We are still accepting the forms currently posted on the website. But we encourage applicants who have not yet started the process to wait until after June 12th when the updated, shorter form will be posted.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications to support service delivery or behavior-change communications.

Organizations that have submitted proposals which were denied must wait six months before we will consider another proposal.

Request for Proposals / Appel à Candidatures

Application Form / Formulaire de Candidature

Budget Template / Modèle de Budget

CSO GFF Hub Webinars

The CSO GFF Hub & Survey Results (webinar recording / presentation PDF)

Le CSO GFF Hub & Résultats du Sondage (webinar recording / presentation PDF)

Below, find resources designed to help better understand the GFF and the partnership’s mission.