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Strengthening Health Systems

Resilient health systems are crucial to a country’s ability to meet a population’s health needs and respond to health threats whenever they occur. Core to this work is improving global- and national-level financing to sustain health systems and implement policies that ensure quality of care, health equity and access to essential health services.

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PAI believes a strong health system can serve as a pathway toward achieving high-quality, accessible, equitable and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. To strengthen health services, local civil society organizations are engaging with their governments to reform the financing and governance of country health systems. PAI supports advocates to champion sufficient resources for the full range of essential health services, including contraceptives. Together, we are strengthening primary health care systems to achieve universal health coverage, improving contraceptive supply chain management and increasing national accountability for contraceptive procurement and distribution.

At the global level, PAI plays an important role in bolstering the efforts of country-level actors to design, develop and deliver health care that fits their needs and resources. We focus on shaping global initiatives and investments and advocating for the right to health for all through improved international funding and policy. In these decision-making spaces, we strive to ensure representation for civil society organizations from the global south. Their perspectives and experiences are key to elevate the sexual and reproductive health needs and rights of women and girls in the global agenda.

There is an official story of what the numbers are from the government — that there are no stockouts, quality of care is great — for us to have evidence to show the reality is an important tool to be able to provide recommendations to improve policy.
Dr. Hilda Eugenia Argüello Avendaño, technical secretariat, Observatorio de Mortalidad Materna en México (OMM)

PAI’s programmatic work supports civil society efforts to build resilient health systems that provide high-quality care.

On all fronts, PAI supports civil society to strengthen health systems by improving global- and national-level financing and implementing policies that enable the delivery of quality, equitable sexual and reproductive health care.


Our advocacy for policy change at both the country and global levels is centered around three strategic initiatives.

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