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Civil society action can drive governments to address the major health challenges impacting vulnerable populations, including women, children and adolescents. PAI works with grantee organizations to determine how best to collaborate with and support governments, while at the same time monitoring and reviewing progress and holding them accountable for their actions and commitments. In addition, we elevate sexual and reproductive health and rights at the global level and take action to address donor country policies that impede progress.

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PAI’s commitment to the right to health for all is grounded in achieving country ownership of health. Around the world, mobilization of the public and private sectors to address major global health challenges has led to increased donor investments and positive commitments from country governments and other institutions. At the country level, civil society organizations are advocating that governments recognize, honor and advance their funding and policy commitments to sexual and reproductive health and rights. We support these local advocates to monitor and review commitment progress and determine how best to collaborate with their governments. Ultimately, this process can only be effective with civil society-led accountability mechanisms at the local, national and global level that work with governments to fulfill their commitments.

As global advocates for sexual and reproductive health and rights, we are focused on ensuring that everyone, particularly women and girls, has access to the care they need and deserve. When donor country policies undermine this goal and impede progress — including the foreign policy of the United States — we act. Specifically, PAI pushes the U.S. government to remain a leader in supporting global health investments through the congressional appropriations process. We also advocate for executive branch policies that strengthen, rather than erode, the health systems in countries receiving U.S. foreign assistance.

When governments make commitments, [they] can be unrealistic or disconnected from the institutional leaders who will ultimately shape their success or failure … We don’t have to settle for impractical or ineffective commitments.
Dr. Moses Muwonge, executive director, Samasha

PAI’s programmatic work supports civil society advocacy to ensure governments uphold the right to health for all.

At the global and country level, PAI’s civil society support strengthens efforts to hold policymakers accountable to those they serve. Together, we play a crucial role in elevating the unique needs of women and girls — as well as youth and other vulnerable populations — in policy and funding discussions.


Our advocacy for policy change at both the country and global levels is centered around three strategic initiatives.

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