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Abstaining From Reality: U.S. Restrictions on HIV Prevention

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Filmed in Kenya and Uganda, this short documentary provides a snapshot of the Bush administration’s abstinence-only approach to HIV prevention as part of its global HIV/AIDS assistance. Abstaining from Reality examines how these ideologically-driven programs are actually endangering the lives of the people they’re supposed to be protecting. This policy is disconnected from the reality of the lives of women and young people, who are disproportionately affected by the epidemic. The film urges a balanced, comprehensive approach to preventing HIV infections by providing full and accurate information and a range of services that empower individuals to make informed decisions.

Abstaining from Reality has been accepted into the 2007 United Nations Association Film Festival!

“Our selection process was arduous. Over three hundred sixty submissions for the tenth UNAFF were carefully reviewed for a twenty-seven hour program. We found your film Abstaining from Reality to be extremely pertinent and well-suited for this year’s festival theme “CAMERA AS WITNESS” and feel strongly that the audience will be captivated by your work.”

Read more on the UNAFF website.

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