Produced by Population Action International, this seven minute documentary details the impact of the Global Gag Rule on reproductive health programs in Zambia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. At a time when one in five adults is infected with HIV and nearly 70 percent of the population is under the age of 24, the gag rule has deprived Zambia’s primary family planning agency of critical U.S. assistance.

The video is a part of Access Denied: U.S. Restrictions on International Family Planning, a collection of materials produced by the Global Gag Rule Impact Project. The Access Deniedpublications and video document the impact of a U.S. policy which restricts international family planning assistance, officially called the Mexico City Policy and known also as the Global Gag Rule by those who oppose it. For more information, see the project’s web site at



The Global Gag Rule Impact Project is a collaborative research effort led by Population Action International in partnership with Ipas and Planned Parenthood Federation of America and with assistance from EngenderHealth and Pathfinder International.