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Centering Adolescent- and Youth-Led Organizations to Advance Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


This report highlights the impact of  PAI’s flagship youth program, YOUAccess, which supports and partners with adolescent- and youth-led (AYL) organizations to advance adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health and rights (AYSRHR).  

Since 2016, PAI has been a leader in collaborating with AYL organizations through the YOUAccess Fund, which provides technical and financial support to young people to advance AYSRHR and build stronger advocacy institutions. Notably, YOUAccess is one of the only funding sources available exclusively to AYL organizations working to expand access to AYSRH services. AYL organizations are often overlooked, but they have unique perspectives that shift norms, changes policies and secure increased funding from governments and donors. 

Initially established as small grants for community engagement, YOUAccess has grown in geographic reach, size and mission: Flexible funding and technical support for culturally relevant advocacy and organizational development are provided to AYL organizations creating opportunities for young people to meaningfully engage in and inform policy processes that impact their SRHR. 

In addition to the report, the following e-posters highlight how YOUAccess’ impact has been uniquely transformative and shaped by PAI’s commitment to: 

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