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Faith Plus Family Planning is a new initiative of PAI. The $1 million fund provides faith-based organizations in the developing world with small grants and technical support to hold governments accountable for providing quality family planning and reproductive health services.

Almost a quarter billion women in developing countries want to delay or prevent pregnancy but are not using a modern method of contraception. In many of these countries, faith-based organizations are key healthcare providers and advocates, delivering a significant proportion of primary health care services, including reproductive, maternal and newborn care. In sub-Saharan Africa, faith-based organizations provide as much as 40 percent of health services. These organizations also hold a special place in their societies, bringing credibility and moral authority to policy discussions. Yet, they frequently lack adequate support and investment—especially as vocal advocates for family planning. Faith Plus Family Planning aims to rectify this imbalance.

By 2018, Faith Plus Family Planning expects to mobilize new funding and increase global and national commitments to family planning. The fund is now accepting applications.

Eligibility and Funding Criteria

Organizations that wish to apply to the fund must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered as a non-governmental or non-profit organization in the country where proposed advocacy will take place
  • Clear institutional commitment to engage in advocacy for family planning
  • Current or past advocacy efforts relevant to family planning policy, funding or service delivery a plus
  • Active membership in local, national and regional networks working in family planning, reproductive and maternal health
  • Audited by an accredited external entity for last two consecutive years
  • Dedicated bank account in organization’s name to receive funds

Download the application

Faith + Family Planning Application

Faith + Family Planning Press Release

Faith + Family Planning Budget Template

Download the Infographic

2018 Faith + Family Planning Infographic

For Inquiries

Please email faith@pai.org