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PAI Commits to Advancing Gender Equality Ahead of Generation Equality Forum

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Katie Unthank

Director of Strategic Communications

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PAI is proud to support the aspirations of the Generation Equality Forum as a Commitment Maker. We submit our five-year commitments to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for women, youth and all vulnerable communities through strategic and technical advocacy support; flexible and long-term subgrants; and a guarantee to hold ourselves and all Commitment Makers accountable.

SRHR are the bedrock of gender equality, which is fundamental to poverty alleviation and progress and prosperity for all. PAI’s commitments are made through the lenses of equity, flexibility and inclusiveness and embrace the power of collective action to achieve gender equality in our lifetime. We commit to:

  • Supporting a vibrant SRHR civil society movement: Achieving SRHR is central to gender equality and requires a strong, vibrant and representative civil society to influence funding and policy decisions and hold governments accountable. Over the next five years, PAI will provide unparalleled strategic and technical support, matched with flexible funding, to civil society organizations that are advancing SRHR and gender equality. No less than 30% of our financial, strategic and technical support will be directed to civil society organizations led by women, youth and LGBTQI+ individuals.
  • Advancing evidence for responsive U.S. government and global policies, protocols and funding: We will increase our advocacy efforts to strengthen SRHR and gender equality interventions in U.S. government foreign policy and funding. In addition, we will bring forward evidence and insights to inform SRHR global policy and guidance to ensure global actions are responsive to local needs.
  • Enabling donors and governments to deliver on their Generation Equality Forum commitments: We will establish a global accountability mechanism with our network of 96-funded partners across 33 countries for donors and governments to stay on track with their Generation Equality Forum commitments. The global accountability mechanism will also monitor progress, provide strategic and technical support and establish civil society convening opportunities to enable governments and donors to deliver on their promises.




PAI champions policies that put women in charge of their reproductive health. We work with policymakers in Washington, D.C., and our network of partners around the world to remove roadblocks between women and the services and supplies they need. For 56 years, we’ve helped women succeed by upholding their basic rights. To learn more, visit pai.org.

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