Dr. Piotrow served for many years as Population Action International’s Executive Director. Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Communication Programs at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Piotrow volunteers time to PAI’s activities, serving as an active member of several standing committees of the Board. She is a former Chair of the Population and Family Planning section of the American Public Health Association and of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Development and Population Activities.

A recognized authority on population problems and related communication programs, Dr. Piotrow has served as a consultant to the UN and to USAID and as a U.S. government advisor to the 1974 World Population Conference in Bucharest. She holds degrees from Bryn Mawr College, Oxford and Johns Hopkins Universities and  is the author of many publications relating to population and health communication, including three books: World Population Crisis: the United States ’ ResponseSix Billion People: Demographic Dilemmas and World Politics and Health Communication: Lessons from Family Planning and Reproductive Health.