Sharon Camp is a forty-year veteran of the family planning and reproductive health field. For 10 years prior to her retirement in July 2013, Dr. Camp served as President & CEO of the Guttmacher Institute. The Institute has twice been voted by reproductive health and rights experts the leading organization in the field for its unique ability to combine rigorous research with insightful policy analysis and strategic communications. The Institute has wide-ranging programs in both the United States and internationally. During her tenure, Dr. Camp significantly raised the Institute’s profile, doubled its budget and built institutional partnerships with leading research and advocacy organizations around the world.

Dr. Camp is also the “mother” of Plan B emergency contraception. In January 1997, she founded the small start-up pharmaceutical company that secured regulatory approval for the product and brought it to market in the United States and Canada. She served as President and CEO of the company until it was sold to Barr Pharmaceuticals in late 2003. During her tenure, she also laid the groundwork for the product’s switch from Rx to over-the-counter status in both countries, with new research and formal applications to both regulatory agencies.

In 1995, Dr. Camp helped organize the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception and served as its coordinator and chief fundraiser for three years. The Consortium, which now has members from around the world, has helped establish emergency contraception as a standard part of women’s healthcare.

Dr. Camp was a key (although anonymous) author of the landmark Programme of Action adopted by the world’s governments at the 1994 International Conference on Population.

From 1975 to 1993, Dr. Camp helped lead Population Action International, serving in later years as Senior Vice President in charge of government relations, policy research, media liaison, and publications. For most of her tenure at PAI, Dr. Camp was considered one of the leading spokespersons for international family planning.

Dr. Camp has chaired the boards of Family Health International, the National Council for International Health (now the Global Health Council), and the International Center for Research on Women, and was founding Chair of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project. She has served on the boards or advisory councils of dozens of other organizations.

She is an honors graduate of Pomona College in California and holds a Ph.D. in international studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.