Suzanna Dennis and Clive Mutunga

There are over a dozen estimates of the financial resources needed to improve reproductive health used by the reproductive health community. Lack of understanding of estimates currently in circulation can lead to fragmented advocacy and weak financial prioritization of reproductive health and more difficult to measure long-term progress.

This report helps advocates and policy makers better understand the funding needed to achieve the ICPD and MDG goal of universal access to reproductive health. A clear sense of financial requirements is essential to carry out policy advocacy and plan to fulfill unmet needs.

In the short term, we hope that explaining the components of each estimate will help advocates and policymakers make more informed choices about which to use in which context, and unite more easily around the same numbers for the same purpose. In the longer term, we hope that this analysis will contribute to a harmonization around one base cost estimate for each component of the ICPD, which would allow for as many partial costing exercises as needed to be pulled out for different purposes.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Costing Reproductive Health
  • The Cost Estimates
  • Comparison of the Cost Estimates
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References