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Upholding the Right to Family Planning for All

Statement by Population Action International President & CEO Suzanne Ehlers

Washington, D.C.:  The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its 2012 State of the World Population report this week, declaring access to family planning a universal human right.

At Population Action International, we couldn’t agree more. Ensuring that every person has access to contraception is at the core of our work, and the cornerstone of creating better, healthier lives for women and their families around the world. Access to a full range of quality contraceptive services and supplies opens the door for all people to realize so many other rights – from education, to better health, to the achievement of life with dignity.

Right now, too many legal, social, cultural, and financial barriers infringe on the right to family planning worldwide.  The result is that 222 million women who want to prevent pregnancy lack access to or information about modern contraception. PAI joins UNFPA in its commitment to bridge this gap and extend this basic right to all – including groups such as youth, unmarried people of all ages, LGBT individuals, hard to reach persons, those living with HIV and AIDS, and others who have too often been left out.


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