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June 13, 2013

New World Population Projections Emphasize the Need to Meet Women’s Demands for Contraception

Statement by Population Action International President & CEO Suzanne Ehlers 

“Today, the United Nations announced that world population could reach 9.6 billion by mid-century. This represents an increase of 300 million people from the 2010 revision.

These projections reinforce the critical need for governments around the world to invest in family planning and reproductive health. This year’s increase is due to changes in estimates of current fertility in some developing countries, and their impact on future fertility.  To even meet this latest U.N. projection could require major increases in use of contraception.

Right now, 222 million women in the developing world lack access to modern contraception. This has far-reaching consequences for their health, and their opportunities to get an education, earn an income, take care of their families, and determine their own futures. The fact that any woman does not have the tools to decide the size of her family is absurd. That 222 million women do not is a tragedy, and a huge opportunity for all of us to do more.”