PAI staff recently visited reproductive health (RH) and HIV partners and stakeholders in Kenya as part of The Integration Partnership.    Kenya has a strong track record of government and donor support for RH-HIV integration so much of our visit focused on what is needed to fully implement, measure and expand the vision of integrated service delivery.

During the course of the trip, PAI strategized with our three partners – Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment, Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium, and Centre for Study of Adolescence, as well as key representatives from the Kenyan government, implementing organizations, and PEPFAR, USAID, and CDC staff at the U.S. Mission. The PAI team also conducted site visits to meet the people who are demanding and delivering integrated services.

The diverse meetings served as an important reminder of all of the factors and actors that are needed to deliver integrated RH-HIV services – from policy to funding, commodities to human resources, and indicators to training.

Over the coming year, our TIP Kenya partners will capitalize on events like the Integration for Impact Conference, the finalization and dissemination of the Minimum Package for RH and HIV Integrated Services, and implementation of the Global Health Initiative strategy, PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, and AIDS Population and Health Integrated Assistance Plus (APHIAPlus) program to advance the RH-HIV integration agenda.  Stay tuned for further developments!