On Friday morning, the U.S. government announced the first eight Global Health Initiative (GHI) focus countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Mali, Malawi, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Guatemala.  The Global Health Initiative promises to bring renewed attention to reproductive health and the 215 million women worldwide who need family planning.

Population Action International welcomes the U.S. government’s goal to provide a more comprehensive approach to global health assistance and is pleased to hear that the GHI principles, including a woman and girl-centered approach and increased emphasis on integrating health services, will be implemented in all 81 countries where the U.S. currently provides health assistance.  PAI has long called for family planning to be integrated with other health priorities contained within the GHI, including HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health, in order to improve health outcomes and meet the needs of women, families and communities.  We look forward to the release of additional details about the implementation of the GHI, including the revised consultation document and guidance for the field about implementation.  The U.S. government press release is below.


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