Advocacy on RH/HIV integration in Ethiopia is yielding results as FGAE strengthens its relationship with the Government and other non-governmental organizations to improve SRH//HIV service delivery. On July 24, 2011, FGAE conducted a consultative meeting in Addis Ababa with 150 federal parliamentarians on “Enhancing SRH through Partnership”.

The main objective of the meeting was to build a strong, sustainable partnership with stakeholders, policy and decision makers in provision of SRH/HIV services in underserved communities. Parliamentarians participating in the dialogue recognized the importance of partnerships between service delivery organizations, like FGAE, as critical actors in facilitating improvements in current and future SRH services.

The meeting resulted in the development of a collaborative strategy between participating NGOs and Parliamentarians to curb identified gaps in service delivery. The meeting also facilitated a better way of sharing best practices and coordinating RH/HIV integration activities. Five Parliamentary Steering Committee members were selected from the participants to be focal persons/ambassadors for SRH/HIV integration services. These parliamentarians will continue to work with FGAE and the other TIP partners to advance integration within the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and other key Ministries.