Spending $1 and getting $4 back sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Well for every $1 we invest in family planning, we save $4 in other areas like education, public health, and water and sanitation.

It’s time to cash in on this deal, and invest in family planning worldwide. When women are able to plan their pregnancies, they live longer, they have smaller families, and they’re better able to participate in the workforce. In fact, women who have access to contraception typically make 40% more than those without access — and that economic success is good for the whole country.

So what are we waiting for? Share this infographic to spread the word: birth control isn’t just good for women, it’s good for the economy.


Source: Schultz, T P. 2009. “How does FP promote development? Evidence from a social experiment in Matlab, Bangladesh 1977-1996.” Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Detroit, April 30.