It seems obvious to most of us, but it’s always good to remind people: one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to empower women and increase their quality of life is to make sure they have access to birth control. When women can plan and space their pregnancies, they are able to better control their futures, and that’s good for their whole family.

Our latest infographic shows all the ways birth control helps women succeed. Allowing women to have children when (or if!) they want to leads to better education, more job opportunities, and economic security. In fact, studies have shown entire countries’ economies benefit when women have access to contraceptives and can participate in the workforce. At PAI, we call that “womenomics.

Unfortunately, 222 million women in developing countries are missing out on these benefits. They want to prevent pregnancy, but aren’t taking contraceptives.

At PAI, we believe in the World Contraception Day theme “it’s your life, it’s your future, know your options.” We’re working every day to make this vision a reality for women all over the world.