Tomorrow is International Women’s Day—a time to celebrate everything women contribute to the world, as well as build support for their rights and participation in places where they may lag behind.

As this video from microfinance organization Kiva highlights, women make it happen every day. They grow 50 percent of the world’s food. They do 66 percent of the world’s work.  And let’s not forget that they also deliver 100 percent of the world’s babies. So there’s that. But even in 2014, too many (hundreds of millions of women!) lack the access to modern contraceptives to make choices about childbearing and have the families they desire.

This International Women’s Day, we say change is long overdue. Family planning is a cost-effective investment that can improve women’s health and opportunities to earn an income. In turn, women invest much of their income in the health, education and well-being of their families. So when you invest in women, everyone wins.  As we at PAI like to say, it’s simple womenomics.

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