Photo courtesy of Population Council

Today, PAI President & CEO Suzanne Ehlers is joining other family planning leaders for a dialogue on human rights-based approaches to strengthen voluntary family planning efforts. The event, hosted by the Population Council, focuses on integrating human rights principles into family planning policies and programs, recommendations to ensure programs they respect rights, and rights-based approaches to assure women’s equitable access to high-quality family planning information and services.

Our latest issue of 2020Vision also tackles these themes—specifically who is responsible for making sure reproductive rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. Of course, as an international community, we want every country to fulfill the human rights of its citizenry, including reproductive rights. However, it is critical to acknowledge that many countries are just beginning to engage with the role of government in respecting reproductive rights.

Reproductive rights will not be meaningfully fulfilled unless leaders and key decision-makers believe this is a duty for which government is responsible. But what if a government is falling down on the job? Who has the capacity to assess whether countries across the world are violating reproductive rights, simply respecting these rights, actively protecting them, or taking real, positive action?

Someone needs to step up, and we think civil society organizations are the best, most sustainable solution. To read more, check out the 2020Vision newsletter.

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