PAI has a long history of examining and advocating for the links between population, gender, family planning, climate and environment. So we’re always excited when we see others in the media making those connections as well. Check out some of the latest with this roundup of news focused on population and environment. Got one we missed? Leave it in the comments!


Rise in violence ‘linked to climate change’
Researchers found that “even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war.” As we know, women and girls are often the hardest hit by violence—but they were conspicuously left out of this article. Missed opportunity, BBC!


100 People to Watch in the Fall
This is a hip and provocative list of powerful folks in DC. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), it was stacked with men. There were a total of 83 men and only 17 women on the list – even less than the 20 out of 100 seats that women currently hold in the U.S. Senate. Seriously? On a brighter note, we were glad to see climate change included as one of the six categories, and our fingers are crossed that after Obama’s recent climate speech, we will continue to see momentum on this issue.


Linking Global Health with the Globe: Environmental Health
With some compelling stats on water, clean air, and health equity, this piece makes the point that global health is “about the bigger picture- it is about the world around us.” We couldn’t agree more, and appreciate the shout-out to PAI’s climate initiative!


Thoughts on nature’s bounty, consumption, women’s rights and population
This Friends of the Earth blog argues that we need a rights-based approach to continue declining rates of population growth. It recommends a focus on sexual and reproductive health, and adapting development and environment-related goals to account for future population size and structure.  This is a good resource for environmentalists interested in learning more about the links between population, women’s rights and environment.