This is the last week of the United Nations’ Open Working Group meeting on the post-2015 development agenda, and the discussions are heating up.

As goals and targets continue to be revised, the latest news is that sexual and reproductive health has made it back into Goal 3 on health. The new proposed Goal 3 is as follows:

Proposed goal 3. Attain healthy lives for all at all ages

  • 3.1  By 2030 reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births, including through access to sexual and reproductive health

While we are pleased to see sexual and reproductive health back in the health goal, we are concerned by the way it currently is stated. Universal access to sexual and reproductive health care is critical, but not solely for the purpose of reducing maternal mortality. While pregnant women needs should be considered, we cannot ignore the equally important reproductive health needs of young people, or those who do not wish to become pregnant to begin with.

We know that sexual and reproductive health and rights are critical for youth, adolescents, men, women, people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. Our shared development goals should reflect this reality. For these reasons, we need to continue to push governments to include a clear, standalone target on sexual and reproductive health and rights under the health goal (not as an afterthought under the maternal mortality target).

Discussions will proceed throughout the week among the 77 member states, G77, African Union, European Union, small island developing states and others. The stakes are high and the need for action is urgent. Let’s mobilize and make our voices heard!

You can join the effort by tweeting using the hashtag #OWG13 (see some sample tweets below thanks to members of the Women’s Major Group), and if you haven’t yet put forward YOUR priorities in this global process, you can do so here.

Tweet your support:

During #OWG13, tell your governments why girls and young women are a priority for #sdgs #post2015

Our rights cannot continue to be deemed too controversial to be included in our next development agenda. #CSE #OWG13 #sdgs #post2015

Each year 70,000 adolescent #girls seek unsafe abortion. #Post2015 agenda shld prioritize girls health & rights, incl #SRHR #CSE in #OWG13!

Nearly 300,000 women & #girls die every year from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth. Ensure #SRHR for #Post2015 development #OWG13

Timeline of the Post-2015 process: