World Contraception Day is rapidly approaching, and to celebrate, we at PAI want to make sure you’re informed about the full range of contraceptive options. These include methods such as:

The pill.
The condom.
The implant.
Crocodile dung and honey.
Weasel testicles.

Wait, what? While we don’t recommend trying those last two (spoiler alert: they don’t work), they are just some of the stranger methods women have tried over the years to prevent pregnancy.

We’re not talking strictly about the distant past, either. As recently as the 1960s, American women were literally treating their vaginas to a Coke after sex, in an effort to wash out sperm. Sounds… refreshing? We’d rather not find out. Even worse, in 2014 (yes, THIS year), more than 222 million women in developing countries who want to prevent pregnancy still lack modern contraception. These women shouldn’t have to “get creative” about their birth control.

You can learn more about history’s worst contraceptives in the hilarious video from EngenderHealth above, and explore their new campaign to demand better access for all. And for information about today’s modern birth control options (minus the weasel testicles, thanks), check out’s interactive method explorer.