Most women have used birth control. Yes, even those you might not want to think about—like your grandma.

Conversations about birth control don’t have to be awkward. In fact, it’s totally normal. More than 99 percent of American women aged 15–44 who have ever had sex have used contraceptives. Worldwide, more than half of all women ages 15-49 are currently using a contraceptive method, and 222 million more want to prevent pregnancy but lack modern contraception. More and more, women both here in the U.S. and abroad are speaking up for their right to access the method of their choice.

This hilarious video from Bedsider is a good reminder that birth control is a part of everyday life, and that everyone deserves the right information to choose the method that works for them. Thankfully, if your grandma isn’t as forthcoming as the one in the video, this information is also freely available online.