Wherever we live, however much money we make, all of us must be able to make our own decisions about pregnancy.

Simple, right? That’s the sentiment of the All Above All campaign featured in the video above, and the fundamental idea behind reproductive rights for all women.

Unfortunately, both here in the U.S. and around the world, politicians too often interfere with these rights, passing restrictions that make it harder for women to access quality reproductive health and safe abortion care. Twenty-nine states have already passed laws that restrict insurance coverage for abortion, while harmful federal policies like the Helms Amendment and Global Gag Rule have for decades restricted access for women abroad.

All Above All is just one way women are fighting back, taking the message of reproductive rights to cities across America (and to lawmakers on Capitol Hill!) in the next few weeks. Check out AllAboveAll.org to learn more about this road trip, and when it’s coming to a city near you. And visit HelmsHurts.org to learn more about how U.S. policies could change to make abortion more accessible to women all over the world.