Liberty and Justice for All from Coalition for Liberty & Justice on Vimeo.

As you’ll see in the above video from the Coalition for Liberty and Justice, religious freedom is not just about freedom of religion, but freedom from religion. This week, the second part of that freedom was violated when the Supreme Court ruled (in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby) that corporations could refuse to cover contraception in health insurance plans if they felt it went against their religious beliefs. In other words, women can now have their health care options determined by their employer’s religion.

It’s a dangerous precedent, and for American women, a new violation of their rights. But it’s also another drop in the bucket of religious barriers to birth control worldwide. In many developing countries, major hospitals and clinics are run by faith-based organizations. And though some offer comprehensive care,  many refuse to offer certain or any contraceptive methods because of religion. The result? Women must go to another clinic—often miles away—or simply go without.

Whenever and wherever this happens, it’s wrong. The choice of whether to use birth control and if so, what form, is not the business of a craft supplies company, a faith-based clinic, or anyone else. It should be up to an individual woman in consultation with her doctor.