Thank you for a great 2011.

Over the holidays, my father and I were driving in his truck through Texas and heard Loretta Lynn sing The Pill on the radio. I was struck by the frankness of the lyrics: This incubator is overused because you`ve kept it filled, The feeling good comes easy now since I`ve got the pill.Loretta_Lynn_Video

We listened to Loretta against the backdrop of a state political environment that gets more conservative each time I visit. New research shows Texas cut family planning funding by 66% and is introducing more restrictions on reproductive health. Loretta, your message was not heard!

Luckily, PAI’s message was. By you.

Last year we fought off hostile forces in Congress that tried to reduce international access to life-saving contraception. Together, we signed petitions and held elected officials accountable, saving hundreds of thousands of lives and preventing unintended pregnancies.

Those victories are your victories. Thank you.

2012 is a big year with crucial elections around the world, a major environmental conference in Rio, and the International Aids Conference in D.C. We commit to giving you the latest on reproductive health and the world’s women amidst all that noise.

Thanks to Loretta for the vision, and thanks to you for the future.Here’s to 2012.


Suzanne Ehlers,
President and CEO, Population Action International