Today, PAI President and CEO Suzanne Ehlers launched 2020 Vision, our new series featuring global family planning policy insight and analysis, at the International Conference on Family Planning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Suzanne spoke on a panel put together by the Population Council on the future of FP2020 and what it will take to achieve it’s ambitious goals. 2020 Vision’s first issue focuses on FP2020, and the series will cover issues ranging from the Post-2015 agenda to reproductive health supplies to budget advocacy.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first issue:

“A year after its launch at the London Summit on Family Planning, FP2020 has raised the profile of women’s needs for contraceptives and helped to garner political attention and significant resources for global family planning efforts.  Four FP2020 working groups have advanced their memberships and agendas, and are now working to actively engage one another and country partners to address the full range of barriers to access and use of family planning by women in developing countries.


However, the specific activities FP 2020 will undertake to give 120 million new women and girls access to family planning are unclear, and many questions remain. Has any new money has actually been mobilized to date? How will countries will national plans to reach the global goal of 120 million additional users of family planning? FP2020 must continue to think outside the box for ways to achieve its agenda…”

To read our recommendations for FP2020 to achieve success, click here to read 2020 Vision in its entirety.

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