“Superstorms like Sandy face us everyday… we must break the silence.”

Those are the words of a PAI partner in Bangladesh, a country that faces the highest risk of flooding in the world.

One-third of the country floods every year during monsoon season. And because of climate change, the risks are growing. Yet, too often, the coastal women most at risk are ignored by state officials, and their needs are left out of Bangladesh’s climate policies.

Together with members of parliament, PAI is working  to address gender equity and reproductive health measures in Bangladesh’s Climate Change Trust Fund.  This week, Population and Climate Associate A. Tianna Scozzaro is in Bangladesh to present at the 7th Annual International Climate Adaptation Conference along with Bangladeshi partners Eminence, PRAN, and HumanityWatch. Their workshop will focus on the links between population dynamics and climate change, and partners will share their experience with in-country policy advocacy with conference participants from all over the world.

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