This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Don’t panic, you still have a few days to get your cards or flowers ready.


As we recognize our own moms this week, or celebrate being moms ourselves, we at PAI are also thinking about the women who don’t get that same chance. An estimated 287,000 women still die each year from complications of pregnancy or childbirth—a loss of 800 moms every day.

These deaths, which mostly take place in the developing world, are devastating to families, friends and communities. And they are entirely unnecessary and preventable.

Tomorrow, we’re holding a tweet-a-thon to draw attention to three lifesaving drugs that address the two most common causes of maternal death, hemorrhage and eclampsia. These drugs each cost less than $1 per dose, and can be the difference between a child growing up with a mom or without one.

We need your help to get the word out. If you believe #MomsMatter, join us by using the hashtag throughout the day. Or use any of these sample tweets:

In the US, eclampsia is routine. For moms in the developing world, it’s often deadly. It shouldn’t be. #MomsMatter

In the time it takes you to RT this, another woman will die in pregnancy or childbirth:  #MomsMatter

What would YOU do w/o your mom? Too many women still die in pregnancy or childbirth. Spread the word, #MomsMatter:

Pregnancy should never be a death sentence. These 3 drugs could save moms’ lives: #MomsMatter

$1 a dose. Is her life worth it? Speak up for better access to #maternalhealth supplies:

Saving a life can be as easy as opening the refrigerator. Keep oxytocin cold. #MomsMatter

These 3 medicines could save the lives of at least 1.4 million moms: Why wait? #MomsMatter