tweetchatpicThe individual benefits of birth control are obvious: you don’t get pregnant when you don’t want to. But did you know that birth control can also provide benefits to entire countries, and boost economic growth? That’s #Womenomics.

When women are able to plan their pregnancies, they live longer, they have smaller families, and they’re better able to participate in the workforce. In fact, women who have access to contraception typically make 40% more than those without access — and that economic success is good for the whole country.

Get schooled here and joint our tweet-a-thon starting at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow to spread the word! Use hashtag #Womenomics to follow the conversation and speak up for family planning!

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222 million women are waiting for contraception. Investing in them pays. #womenomics #ICFP2013

Women with access to birth control earn 40% more than those w/out. Family planning = prosperity #womenomics #ICFP2013

A get-rich-quick scheme that actually works: Fund family planning. #womenomics #ICFP2013

We’re no @SuzeOrmanShow but we know a good investment when we see one:  #womenomics #ICFP2013 

An investment that’s low-risk, high-yield AND promotes basic human rights? #womenomics #ICFP2013