ForbesListPhotoToday, Forbes released its 2013 edition of the 100 Best Websites for Women. The list included blogs full of advice about careers, fashion, food, and parenting. I really wanted to like it, and was pleased to see some of my favorites – Ms. Blog, Women’s eNews, Feministing – had made the list.

Then I saw this disclaimer: “One thing you won’t find this year: health content.” The reason? “Your bodies are your bodies in 2013, and we’re not messing with them.”

Now, if you’re pregnant, or already a mom, Forbes has you covered. And that’s great for women who fall into those categories. But need other sexual or reproductive health news or information? Curious about contraception? Reproductive rights? You’re on your own.

Forbes, maybe you’re not “messing” with women’s bodies, but unfortunately in 2013, there are still a lot of people who are trying to do just that. In the first six months of 2013, states enacted 106 provisions related to reproductive health and rights – issues related to abortion, family planning funding and sex education. Two states banned abortion in the first trimester and three states banned abortion at 22 weeks of pregnancy. A law passed in Texas with new restrictions on abortions could close most of the state’s 42 reproductive health centers. North Carolina’s governor thinks cookies are a substitute for women’s health care. The list goes on.

Forbes asks of their list, “Are we missing something major that’s important to your life?”


PAI is here to help. Without further ado, a small selection of the best websites for women who care about reproductive health (besides the one you’re currently reading, of course):

Abortion Gang — Varied content from a diverse set of contributors, all with one common thread. These folks are “unapologetic activists for reproductive justice.”

Amplify — This project from Advocates for Youth features a collection of young people’s voices on issues ranging from sexual health, contraception, abortion, gender, LGBT rights, HIV, and more.

Center for Reproductive Rights — The name speaks for itself. Creators of the recent Draw the Line campaign and longtime leaders in promoting reproductive health as a human right, this site educates, advocates and inspires.

Guttmacher Institute — “Advancing sexual and reproductive health worldwide through research, policy analysis, and public education.” These guys are trusted experts and a go-to resource on both domestic and international reproductive health.

Our Bodies, Our Blog — Great resource on anything and everything related to women’s health, from breast cancer to abortion stigma, from the creators of the landmark publication Our Bodies, Ourselves.

RHRealityCheck – Comprehensive site for breaking news, analysis, and a bit of sass related to reproductive health and rights, both domestically and internationally. If something is happening in reproductive health, you’ll find it here.

Scarleteen – The site bills itself as “sex education for the real world” and does a great job answering teens’ sexual health questions in an honest and engaging fashion.

Strong Families — A reproductive justice blog dedicated to celebrating and empowering diverse families, and the many ways family can be defined.

Think Progress Health – Up-to-date, edgy resource for domestic and state-level news related to reproductive health, abortion restrictions, and other anti-women politician shenanigans.

Womenstake (National Women’s Law Center)  — Serious champions for laws and policies that affect all aspects of women’s lives.

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