This video might make you laugh, but misinformation about sex and contraception is no joke. Women in the United States and abroad face similar struggles: if they don’t have accurate and comprehensive information about birth control methods, they can be at risk for unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Yesterday was International Youth Day, and all this week, the world is focusing on young people and their sexual health and reproductive rights.

At PAI, we believe access to contraceptives isn’t enough. Access to quality information and quality services in a youth-friendly environment should be a right—not a privilege. Too often, young women feel awkward and ashamed learning about safe sex, or face stigma about contraception from others in their communities. And as anyone who’s seen 16 and Pregnant knows, getting pregnant is life-changing: it can mean dropping out of school, loss of employment opportunities, and more.

Knowing the facts about birth control is the first step. Would you pass this contraception pop quiz?