We won so many victories for reproductive health in 2013! Join us in celebrating the holidays and these reproductive health “wins”.

  1. Calling out countries to meet the need for family planning: PAI shined a spotlight on which donor countries aren’t paying their fair share of family planning funding. Thanks to our budget tracking, people can see how their country measures up in family planning funding.


2.  Finding new funding for family planning: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Mauritania, Guinea, Benin and Chad ALL gave new commitments to FP2020 — a global effort to expand access to family planning to 120 million women by 2020.


3.  Recognizing that reproductive rights are human rights: The Estrela Report reached the floor of European Parliament. Although the resolution was postponed, many in the European Parliament recognized that reproductive rights are human rights — an important step.


4.  Fighting for equal healthcare for Peace Corps volunteers: 60 percent of Peace Corps volunteers are women, yet Peace Corps health insurance — unlike other federal employees’ insurance — doesn’t cover abortion services, even in cases of rape. This year, the Peace Corps Equity Act drew attention to this inequality, and PAI helped rally support.


5.  Securing $1.15 billion in new funding: The World Bank Group, UNICEF, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Government of Norway committed $1.15 billion in funding toward improving maternal health and child mortality, including universal access to contraception.