A few months ago, the world’s largest democracy got a new leader, Narendra Modi. The new prime minister of India brought with him Harsh Vardhan as minister of health. Since his appointment, Vardhan has made, to put it mildly, some controversial statements on sex education. Like, that there shouldn’t be any in India. That’s right, Vardhan actually recommended that sex education be banned in his “vision” for Delhi schools. And if that’s not bad enough, he also told The New York Times that marriage fidelity, not condom use, should emphasized as the best way to fight HIV (No!).

Thankfully, he’s received plenty of pushback from Indians and activists worldwide. My personal favorite is this hilarious parody by East India Comedy. While the video is funny, it’s clear that we can’t let outdated cultural norms and out-of-touch politicians stop youth from accessing sexuality education. All young people, no matter where they live, deserve accurate information about their bodies and sex. Share this video if you agree!