At PAI, we talk a lot about the intersections between population, climate change and women. We talk about the women who have to walk farther for water and firewood, and those whose homes and families were destroyed by natural disasters. We even made a movie about it.

So we were pleased last week to see a Congressional resolution introduced by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and 11 other House Democrats “recognizing the disparate impact of climate change on women and the efforts of women globally to address climate change.”

Yes! Thank you! Consequences of climate change—floods, droughts, extreme weather, declining agricultural production—affect everyone. But in many developing countries, shifting temperature and precipitation patterns make life especially hard for women and families. This is a serious issue, and we’re glad some members of our Congress are taking notice.

Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal and Daily Caller seem to think this is funny, running headlines like: “The climate is changing. Lock up your daughters” and “Global warming means more hookers.”

We don’t get the joke. That’s not only lazy reporting, but a disservice to the real women and families around the world who struggle with climate change every day.

(Thank you Grist for actually covering the issue, and also calling out the WSJ)