Right now, around the world, more than 222 million women want something they can’t get: access to modern contraceptives.  

Fortunately, countries and other donors are joining together to help these women get what they want, and it’s time for the U.S. to pay its fair share. To help these women gain access to contraception, the U.S. only needs to contribute .03% of its federal budget to international family planning — or $1 billion per year. That’s just $3 from each American.

We want to make sure these women can’t be ignored. Join our tweet-a-thon all day tomorrow to speak up alongside them and demand contraception. Use the hashtag #AWomansWorth to spread the word about family planning and the 222 million women around the world trying to access it. You can find sample tweets here, and you’re welcome to create your own.

Sample tweets (click the tweet to send it out now):

Giving more women contraception access would cost each American $3/year, or a penny a day. bit.ly/AWomansWorth #AWomansWorth

Meeting the need for #familyplanning would save 79,000 women & 1 million infants/year. bit.ly/AWomansWorth #AWomansWorth

Spend $1, save $4. $1 on #familyplanning saves $4 in education, healthcare & water. bit.ly/AWomansWorth #AWomansWorth

U.S. support to intl. family planning is less than 1/10 of what Americans spend on Super Bowl beer. bit.ly/AWomansWorth #AWomansWorth

#AWomansWorth is the ability for her to live with freedom to pursue her goals, and the integrity to make decisions about her health 

#AWomansWorth means no woman should be denied access to family planning because of where she lives or her economic status