Roger-Mark DeSouza

Photo Credit: Countdown 2015

In March PAI’s Roger-Mark De Souza presented at the Countdown 2015 Europe High Level Expert Meeting. Countdown 2015 is a consortium of 16 leading European non-governmental organizations working to address the global unmet need for family planning. De Souza presented on reproductive health and climate change connections.  He made the case for European policy makers to support integrated social programs that help meet the unmet need for family planning in developing countries by meeting joint goals of climate and reproductive health policies and programs. De Souza presented with experts from the Population and Sustainability Network and the Population, Health and Environment Consortium from Ethiopia as well as partners from Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mali and Europe.

De Souza also participated in the scientific “Planet Under Pressure” global change conference where he presented PAI’s research with Kenya-based partner the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)  on a joint research project exploring population’s central role in meeting climate compatible development. Climate compatible development specifically asks policy makers to consider ‘triple win’ strategies that result in low emissions, build resilience and promote development simultaneously.  In a session hosted by the Climate Knowledge and Development Network, PAI shared the ways in which population and reproductive health is being analyzed as a key component of climate and overall development planning, for both policymakers and program managers. A stunning array of graphics demonstrated these connections in very compelling ways – highlighting population and climate change hotspots in Africa and building on key stakeholder interviews in Malawi and Kenya.