Acceso is a PAI initiative that provides technical support to sub-regional and national organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean to address gaps in sexual and reproductive health services. Although the region has made important strides, high levels of inequality undermine universal access to sexual reproductive health. Local organizations play a critical role in advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially among the most vulnerable populations in the region.

Through high impact advocacy for health sector reform, PAI’s regional partners engage governments, regional networks, and community leaders to improve access to quality services and strengthen contraceptive security.

 Acceso Digital Resource Library


Elige Red de Jóvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (Elige)

Founded in 1996, Elige is a feminist organization led by young women and men to advance sexual and reproductive rights at the national, regional, and international levels. Through Acceso, Elige is strengthening the capacity of state governments in Mexico to implement the National Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Strategy and creating a cadre of young leaders to advocate for youth priorities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

El Instituto Nacional de Salud (INSALUD)

Founded in 1991, INSALUD is the country’s preeminent CSO consortium in the Dominican Republic working to strengthen the health sector through government advocacy. Through this initiative, INSALUD will support the Ministry of Health and the National Health System to facilitate a smooth transition in contraceptive supply chain management.

Fundación Maquilishuatl (FUMA)

Established in 1985 to respond to immediate needs of marginalized communities during the Salvadoran Civil War, FUMA has emerged as a local leader in health advocacy and women’s rights. With support from PAI, FUMA is working with the Ministry of Health to remove administrative barriers to access and increase the range of contraceptive methods available to women and girls through El Salvador.

Observatorio de Mortalidad Materna (OMM)

Since 2010, the civil-society led OMM has monitored public policies and programs to reduce maternal mortality in the southern Mexican state Chiapas, while increasing local accountability for sexual and reproductive health through targeted advocacy. The OMM leads inter-sectoral allies in expanding access to quality sexual and reproductive health services for the region’s indigenous youth.